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Range Rings

Range Rings by Kopis Mobile is meant to be used when a shooter needs to quickly determine ballistics solutions in multiple directions, for multiple landmarks, instantaneously. This gives the shooter a quick mental reference as he moves between shots quickly. Other ballistics apps only provide a single shot solution.

When you start the app, your location is found and ballistics solutions are calculated based on the most recent weapon and weather information. The solutions, in the form of distance and drop, are then displayed in rings overlaid on a map of the immediate area.
You can add and edit your weapons configurations via the Weapons tab.
Weather (wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity) is automatically downloaded and used in the calculations, or edited manually on the Weather tab.
The appearance of the rings, including their units, color, spacing, and distance covered is all managed on the Settings tab.
Display drop and windage in inches, MOA, Mil Dot, or Clicks.



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