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Our Capabilities

DIFFERENTIATOR: Kopis Mobile was founded by engineers and a former Navy SEAL to truly bring a Silicon Valley design methodology to government and industry.

Silhouette of a person in a hazmat suit and a warfighter

Military/Law Enforcement App Development

Through simple electronics and an incrementally capable application development, we deliver systems to enhance the operational effectiveness of the warfighters. These applications are centered around increased information sharing and the operational efficiency of warfighters or first responders.

Soldiers entering data into FastForm tablets
Icon of a desktop computer tower and database

Full-Stack Development

When needed, we have developers to enable full stack austerely connected, fully connected, cloud based and on premises solutions.

Developer looking at code on a laptop and external monitor
Icon representing system integration by multiple things (mobile phone, floppy disk, black box, and circuit board) going into a box

System Integration

We work with our partners to develop API, middleware interfaces and legacy protocol support to finalize the product for the end users. We design cables and LBE attachments to support the warfighter. All of these are wrapped with our Continuous Improvement/Continuous Deployment methodology to test new releases and reduce design escapes.

Firefighter holding a hazmat sensor
Icon of a mobile phone

UI/UX Development

We use Agile Methods that place UI/UX design at the front of the project. Changes are easier, cheaper and end user feedback happens earlier in the project. We have been frequently called on to replace the user interface on existing systems including ATAK plugins.

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Icon of a computer chip


Our firmware engineers develop “bare metal” code on low-power microprocessors to interface electronics to higher order software solutions.

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Icon of the Android robot and the Linux penguin

OS Development

Kopis Mobile frequently ports Android and Linux operating systems to our custom hardware solutions, performing various code developments and driver support to enable the lowest power point possible.

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Icon of a 3D Printer

Rapid Prototyping

From extremely early un-coded UI/UX design examples to electronics and enclosure MVPs, we interactively design the product to the user’s need. Our in-house state of the art R&D lab allows us to quickly build and test, resulting in swift development.

Prototyping in our state of the art R&D Lab
Radial ATAK Menu

ATAK Development

A core competency of Kopis Mobile is connecting hardware to mobile devices within the DoD space; that often means developing ATAK Plugins and Nett Warrior Applications.  Some of the features of our plugins and apps are: interfacing with USB devices, interacting with the map and creating custom objects on the map, performing location updates, and sending messages.

Developer working at a desktop computer
Electronics Design & Wearables Graphic

Electronics Design & Wearables

These range from electronics solutions that connect a smart device's USB port to computers that process the information before passing it to the smart device. Frequently these devices are low-power battery wearable devices developed to handle the austere bandwidth-constrained environments of our customers.


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