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What are BASE & SCOUT?

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BASE- Best Practices and Standards Engine- is an integrated safety and security content management platform that allows organizations to securely document and maintain their security best practices, event planning materials, and operational workflows. BASE is designed explicitly as a planning and management tool for security professionals to ensure compliance and event safety in an easy, efficient manner. BASE provides accountability by allowing users to track and report any changes; security with content that is not co-mingled; customization with the option to build out organizational and operational hierarchy; and circulation that allow easy and quick publishing of material.

SCOUT Desktop and Mobile Application

Kopis Mobile’s SCOUT is designed to extend the content-building and organizational capabilities of BASE. SCOUT is a desktop and mobile-friendly application to ensure compliance and accountability with the venue’s custom security plans within BASE. Drawing data from the best practices in BASE, SCOUT allows a venue operator to assign best practices to other team members to assess, in real-time, whether the venue is following established best practices.

As team members complete their assignments, the operator can view the progress and any gaps identified. In the end, the system generates a report detailing the venue’s compliance with the best practices and lists the areas lacking with assessor feedback. SCOUT is designed to streamline the engagement with the field security officials, allowing immediate and updated access to the operational plans and standards in real-time.

SCOUT provides a digital communication path to the Command Center, allowing access to immediate reporting of compliance to BASE’s preloaded content. SCOUT also enables enhanced feedback by permitting text comments and images to be added, thereby documenting compliance with the security plan while providing a database of performed actions in the event of litigation.

Why We Developed BASE & SCOUT

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We, working with the University of Southern Mississippi’s National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security, won a DPSI contract to enhance the safety and security of the American public attending sports and entertainment events. The scope of the effort was to improve sports and entertainment spectator safety and security. Part of this contract included identifying new technologies and creating those where gaps existed. We created BASE and SCOUT during this project, realizing there was a gap for safety and security content management platforms. After the end of the project, we invested internal funds on BASE and SCOUT products to improve the functionality and added the ability to deploy it on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Moving from searching through binders to easily searching for best practices in BASE

With BASE and SCOUT, sport and entertainment venues' security personnel, from the director down to the entry-level security personnel, are enabled with a centralized risk assessment tool for planning and an in-field tool to support the decision making process during a security event. Move your binder-based security plans to an operational cloud solution.

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