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What is FastForm 1306?

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FastForm 1306 is a digital Jump Manifest solution. It reduces the time required to generate a completed DA 1306 up to 80%, virtually eliminates errors, and takes as little as 5 minutes of training to begin using.

FastForm 1306 has proven its worth in everything from small-scale drops to multi-aircraft lifts with hundreds of jumpers. By identifying jumpers from a quick, simple scan of their CAC, allowing jumpmasters to build out their manifest flexibly and intuitively in a familiar mobile app interface, and wrapping it all in a rugged, mobile tablet form factor, FastForm 1306 removes nearly all of the complexity and hassle from jump manifest operations.

Why We Developed FastForm 1306

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FastForm 1306 grew out of Kopis Mobile working closely with US Army and Army National Guard units, to develop and refine the means to dramatically accelerate and streamline the decades-old process of manifesting paratroopers in advance of jumps.

Soldier using FastForm 1306.

Form DA 1306 has been the standard form for jump manifests for the US Army for over 60 years, and traces its form, function, and terminology all the way back to World War II when the first large-scale operational jump missions were executed. Since that time the process of manifesting jumpers has changed very little, including producing hand-written manifests during manifest calls. However, the advent of information technology has mandated these hand-written manifests be later transcribed into electronic systems for digital transmission and archives.

Scanning a CAC with FF 1306

FastForm 1306 eliminates the manual portion of this process, allowing jumpmasters to quickly and accurately manifest jumpers via their CAC cards, while still giving them the ability to efficiently and flexibly organize the specifics of each jump and jumper (line order, lifts, chalks, doors, etc.).

Editing a Jumper in FastForm 1306

Kopis Mobile has continued to refine and improve FastForm 1306 since its inception, making it even easier and faster to manifest jumps of all types and sizes. The FastForm 1306 Jump Manifest Solution combines commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile technology with custom applications and functionality developed by Kopis Mobile's own in-house team of software engineers and user interface / user experience (UI/UX) experts. This pairing of cutting-edge COTS hardware and mission-specific software, combined with a willingness to listen to and learn from customers, gives Kopis Mobile an unbeatable edge in continuously improving and refining all of its solutions. FastForm 1306 is the best example of the benefits of putting all these pieces to work to enhance jumpmaster productivity and unit mission readiness.

"As a former Static Line and Military Free Fall jumper, I firmly believe in the efficiency our FastForm 1306/1307 system offers our customers. We can reduce the manifesting time by 80% and increase the accuracy of tracking jumps to eliminate gaps in jump pay. That is really a big deal, especially for large airborne units. I wish I had something like FastForm when I was in the SEAL Teams."- Hugh Middleton, CEO of Kopis Mobile
CEO Hugh Middleton jumping out of an airplane when he was a paratrooper.
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