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Get ultimate flexibility with your own custom forms and workflows, & instantly synchronize form data.

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What is FastForm Core?

Editing Personnel in FastForm Core

FastForm Core provides the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to collect warfighter data as well as track tasks, activities, deadlines and more with your own custom forms and workflows. Paired with Kopis Mobile’s Sync technology, Core allows all of your devices to instantly synchronize form data, supporting multiple tablets at large-scale events.

Why We Developed FastForm Core

Scanning CACs versus using paper forms

FastForm Core and Sync evolved out of Kopis Mobile’s ongoing work with customers on the initial FastForm 1306 and Readiness variants. Those customers began pointing out additional missions and use cases where FastForm’s CAC-centric and simple, efficient capabilities could streamline and improve laborious, error-prone data collection activities. Once Kopis Mobile began to realize the many ways the FastForm product line could extend to support these other mission types, we also understood that we needed a new foundation to build upon.

Task Management in FastForm Core

FastForm Core is the culmination of all that prior experience and knowledge-gathering, giving Kopis Mobile a flexible internal framework and UI/UX development platform for extending and expanding the FastForm family of warfighter productivity solutions. The addition of Kopis Mobile’s Sync technology gives FastForm Core - and subsequent variants built off it - the capability to support larger, more dynamic missions and events.

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FastForm Core primarily serves as a force multiplier, allowing Kopis Mobile to quickly spin new FastForm variants out with all of the capabilities and ease of use features that mark each commercial FastForm variant. But we also realize that certain customers may benefit from the flexibility of Core, and are willing to trade some of the simplicity and efficiency of mission- or form-specific FastForm variants in order to gain the ability to customize and use FastForm Core to their own needs and workflows.

Making a Task in FastForm Core
“The biggest advantage to this app is the expandability …. supporting the commander on any metric he wants to track or … directed from higher became as easy as the original process.” -SFG BN NCO
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