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Create accurate, timely manifests for a variety of mission types.

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What Is FastForm Manifest?

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FastForm Manifest is Kopis Mobile’s answer to creating accurate, timely manifests for a variety of mission types. As the newest addition to Kopis Mobile's FastForm family of warfighter productivity solutions, Manifest brings the same efficiency and ease of use that distinguishes all of the FastForm variants.

Why We Developed FastForm Manifest

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FastForm Manifest grew out of Kopis Mobile's interaction and close working relationships with its customers. Time and again, we heard and observed them creating manifests and attendance rosters using clipboards and hand-written forms, or with PCs and laborious, error-prone typing. Working with its US Army and National Guard customers and partners, Kopis Mobile developed various manifest models for APOD/SPOD missions, X-MAN import manifests for US Air Force flights, DA 2131 Passenger Manifests, and numerous other events. FastForm Manifest is the culmination of that work, offering the ability to customize manifest fields, and then either print or export to Excel for further modification and sharing.

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Manifests are a necessary part of life for every unit, in every branch, for every mission type. Regardless of the activity, records have to be kept. But that doesn't mean names have to be handwritten or that service numbers have to be typed, leading to unnecessary time spent and human errors introduced. Every modern warfighter has a CAC containing their individual identifying information. FastForm Manifest uses this fact, along with state of the art mobile technology and an easy to use custom application to make manifesting fast, accurate, and easy. Any required information stored on the CAC is instantly scanned and entered into the manifest, and other fields can be entered using simple controls and gestures familiar to everyone with a smartphone.

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Cut time-wasting tasks in half and virtually eliminate human errors.

“On the first day, I had already cut my time spent on manifests in half.”
-U.S. Air Force Master SGT

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