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What is FastForm Readiness?

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FastForm Readiness enables you to accurately & efficiently process M-Day personnel; track individual tasks, deadlines, and deficiencies; and send real-time reminders & notifications to ensure your unit remains at maximum readiness. FastForm Readiness eliminates paper based, error prone tracking of individual and unit readiness and reduces time-wasting manual follow-up.

Why We Developed FastForm Readiness

Soldier Writing

Developed with extensive input and user feedback from Readiness NCOs of National Guard units in Kopis Mobile’s home state of Mississippi, FastForm Readiness streamlines unit readiness tracking at the individual warfighter level, and makes the process of rolling that data up to higher-level unit leadership as efficient and accurate as possible. FastForm Readiness also includes Kopis Mobile’s Sync technology, enabling you to utilize multiple tablets simultaneously and seamlessly - all forms/trackers and data collected on each tablet instantaneously synchronize across all tablets in use, enabling you to scale to any size mission or event, supporting hundreds or even thousands of warfighters simply, efficiently, and accurately.

Printing Forms from a FastForm kit

Monthly/periodic FastForm Readiness tracking starts with importing your unit’s roster information into the Readiness app. Then at drill/event check-in, users process each soldier in seconds - simply scan the individual’s CAC, note any readiness deficiencies on the pre-configured task trackers, enter any updates through the simple & intuitive mobile app interface, and then instantly send out follow-up notifications to the individual reminding them of their outstanding deficiencies. Color codes and quick filtering capabilities allow the FastForm Readiness user to quickly focus on just the data and items of note, speeding the process and allowing them to process individuals in seconds, and full units in just minutes.

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“As the full-time readiness NCO, I handed the device to my 1SG (an M-DAY soldier) and he was able to perform total mission success on first use with less than a minute of training.”
-SFG BN Readiness NCO

“It gives me a feeling of power over this damn paperwork!”

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